About Us

Our mission

The iRob Intelligent Robotics Centre is committed to advancing the science and technology of robotics, primarily for service applications.

The Robotics Centre is part of the University Research and Innovation Centre (EKIK)

Objectives of the Centre

The ABC Intelligent Robotics Centre was established as a primary response to the growing need for integrated education and application-oriented development in robotics. It is an independent platform at the University of Óbuda, relying heavily on a national and international network of key partner institutions and companies in Europe and North America in particular. It operates as a research centre of excellence and focuses on three main activities:

  • Advanced development in the fundamentals of robotics – including hardware and software; mechatronics, control and application
  • Linking development projects to specific applications, exploiting scientific results to solve emerging problems in modern society.
  • To disseminate current knowledge on robotics in a structured way through university courses and to the wider public.

We are willing to become a centre of excellence for R&D in service robotics, including medical, social and cloud robotics. The centre will initially focus on technology development, focusing on new devices, robot platforms and sensors, with appropriate control structures and user interfaces.

The Centre aims to develop expertise in manufacturing engineering, system testing, validation and commercialisation. Technically, it will provide “Software as a Service (SaaS)”, “Platform as a Service (PaaS)” and finally “Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)” to other university units and external contractors. The key to its success is its ability to bring together mechatronics, software design and usability research to create the robot technology of tomorrow.

Background and history

The ABC Intelligent Robotics Centre was founded by the Senate of Óbuda University in September 2012, but its predecessor, the University Robotics Knowledge Centre, was established in 2010. In addition, the University has a long history of theoretical research in robotics, particularly in the field of modern robot control. An experimental centre is envisaged to take these results physically and apply them to applications. Following the initial success of the Robotics Science Centre, the Senate decided to expand the capabilities of the group focusing on robotics and to raise the new centre to the level of a Faculty, reporting directly to the President. The initial tasks of the Center include reforming and modernizing the university’s robotics education, providing a permanent resource for students interested in robotics research.

5 year report

Our 5-year report can be found here.

Commitment to excellence

The ABC Centre is fully committed to the planned and strategic transformation of higher education in Hungary and beyond. Through donations and awards, it facilitates the sharing of new ideas from students. The Centre takes an active role in national and international decision-making in the field of robotics. It is a strong advocate of sustainable development and green research practices. It operates according to EU ethical standards and ISO quality management practices. These principles are expressed in the services and tasks that the Centre can perform for internal and external partners.