Tamás Haidegger received the Bolyai Plaquette

Tamás Haidegger (associate professor of Óbuda University, dept. director of the Antal Bejczy Center for Intelligent Robotics and EKIK) received 'Bolyai Plaquette' at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. On 05. 07. 2017. at the auditorium of the Academy László Lovász (director of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences) and Ferenc Fülöp (director of the advisory board) accorded the Plaquette. The advisory board grant this plaquette to the Bolyai fellows, whom closed the term with excellent qualification and whose were prominent during the term of the fellowship.

The 10th Hamlyn Symposium

'The Hamlyn Symposium on Medical Robotics allows surgeons and engineers from across the globe to experience the latest developments in medical robotics. The symposium annually attracts world-leading scientists, engineers and clinicians from a wide range of disciplines associated with medical robotics and surgery.’

ISO/IEC Robotics Standardization Meeting

The ISO/IEC robotics standardization meeting will take place July 17-28, 2017 in the Kiscelli u. facilities of Óbuda University, hosted by EKIK. The six working groups and the one study group will each have their 2-3-day-long meetings, partially overlapping. There are 80–1 00 international experts expected to arrive for the event, as accredited delegates of their national standardization bodies, accompanied by observers to the committees.

IROB @ Hamlyn Surgical Robot Challenge

‘Surgical Robot Challenge 2017 is an international competition


On May 4th 2017, our University celebrated the International EKIK day, where the ceremonial formation of the International Scientific and Industrial Advisory Boards took place, and besides, the center’s research partners presented cutting edge research results.


In order to pay tribute to Prof. Dr. Antal Bejczy physicist, chief researcher of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, affiliate professor of the Washington University in St. Louis, the outstanding character of international space research and robotics, Óbuda University Antal Bejczy Center for Intelligent Robotics (IROB) pronounced 16th of January the IROB International Bejczy Day.

Invitation to seminar - Victor Raskin & Julia Taylor Rayz, Workshop on Ontological and Lexical Acquisition

We kindly invite everyone to the next iRob seminar at the Antal Bejczy Center for Intelligent Robotics. The abstract of the lecture and the short bio of the presenter can be found below.

Summer School on Control of Surgical Robots: COSUR 2016

Altair Robotics Lab, in collaboration with the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) and the European project MURAB organised the 1st Biannual Summer School on Control of Surgical Robots (COSUR 2016) at Verona, Italy.

Recent Advances in Intelligent Engineering - Mini Symposium

Óbuda University organized the Recent Advances in Intelligent Engineering Symposium at Budapest. The presentations has been taken by scientist, whom awarded by the Honorary Professor of Óbuda University title.

6th Joint Workshop on New Technologies for Computer/Robot Assisted Surgery: CRAS 2016

The 6th Joint Workshop on New Technologies for Computer/Robot Assisted Surgery (CRAS) was on last week at Pisa, Italy.