Summer School on Control of Surgical Robots: COSUR 2016

Altair Robotics Lab, in collaboration with the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) and the European project MURAB organised the 1st Biannual Summer School on Control of Surgical Robots (COSUR 2016) at Verona, Italy.

The summer school focused on control, teleoperation and cognitive aspects of robotic surgery. At the school there were lectures about teleoperation, human-robot interactions and cognitive control. During the practical experiences the students were divided into ten groups of 3-4 people each - the students could choose teleoperation projects or imaging projects (interesting statistics: 5 groups chose the teleop project, 2 groups chose the imaging project and 3 find out new projects). Tamás Haidegger has attended as a presenter at the summer school: he took his presentation about surgical robot control - human interfaces; Tamás D. Nagy was a student participant at COSUR. The summer school will be hold in even years. You can find COSUR's official website here.