ISO/IEC Robotics Standardization Meeting

The ISO/IEC robotics standardization meeting will take place July 17-28, 2017 in the Kiscelli u. facilities of Óbuda University, hosted by EKIK. The six working groups and the one study group will each have their 2-3-day-long meetings, partially overlapping. There are 80–1 00 international experts expected to arrive for the event, as accredited delegates of their national standardization bodies, accompanied by observers to the committees. The background of the participants is diverse, mostly coming from executives of the stakeholder companies, senior experts of major academic institutions and government standardization bodies or authorities, since this is the highest ranking standardization group in robotics. Coffee, refreshments and snacks are provided by the organizers. The draft agenda of the meeting is as follows:

Following a great tradition, the last day of the program is a Medical Robotics Workshop, where invited experts deliver keynote talks regarding the current achievements and upcoming research and development results in the domain. The workshop is open to the public.

You can find the venue information here.